Sustainability Starts With You

Find out how you can become less reliant on the power grid

Some Of The Many Reasons Your Neighbors Are Going Solar Right Now


Energy Independence

Many Areas have unreliable power grids or high electricity rates. Going solar reduces your reliance on the power companies.


Eliminate Energy Bill

Solar panels can significantly reduce or even eliminate electricity bills. Over time, the savings can be substantial.


30% Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar from your federal taxes.


25 Year Warranty

We guarantee the production of your solar system and that your roof will be water tight for 25 years.


Battery Storage

Solar battery storage is an increasingly popular addition to solar panel installations, offering enhanced energy independence.


Long-Term Reliability

Solar panels typically have long lifespans of 25+ years, ensuring a long-term source of energy.


Increase Home Value

Homes with solar panel installations often see an increase in property value. They are attractive to buyers who appreciate the energy savings and environmental benefits.


Environmental Impact

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and sustainable, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. This is crucial in combatting climate change and reducing carbon footprints.


Roofing + Solar

Need to re-roof your home? We are a Solar and Roofing company.

Doing solar and roofing together has many benefits, ask your solar consultant for more information!

Our Team Cares About You

At Zero Carbon Solar, we believe that the foundation of a sustainable future lies not just in the technology we develop, but in the people who drive our mission forward. Our dedicated team is more than a group of solar energy experts; we are passionate advocates for a healthier planet and committed caretakers of our communities.

We Strive To Be a Level Above

In a world where excellence is often promised but seldom delivered, Zero Carbon Solar stands apart by embodying a philosophy of unwavering commitment to superiority in every aspect of our operations. "Striving to be a level above" is not just a motto; it's the ethos that permeates our entire organization.

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